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We are Believe Her.
Your Friends From Dr. Shalon's Maternal Action Project

Standing Up, Speaking Out

Our mission is to increase awareness of the Black maternal health crisis and develop and promote evidence-based strategies that improve health outcomes for Black birthing people and families.

Maternal mortality is a complex issue. We believe change needs to happen at national and institutional levels, supported by leaders in politics and healthcare. But we also believe that the most powerful tool a black mother has is her voice.

That’s why we developed four pillars with which we use as the base of our action and strategic partnerships. All the work that we do is centered around Storytelling, Empowerment, Community-Building, and Education.

At Dr. Shalon’s Maternal Action Project, we work to remove barriers, biases, and disparate practices that impede access to equitable, quality care for Black women and women of color.

Our work is based on the life philosophy of Dr. Shalon:

“I see inequity wherever it exists. I am not afraid to call it by name and work hard to eliminate it. I vow to create a better earth.”

  • Dr. Shalon Irving began her journey as a Black birthing mother and couldn't have been more excited! Soleil was welcomed into this world and made Shalon the happiest mom on the planet!
  • On January 28, 2017, Dr Shalon Irving passed away from complications after giving birth to her daughter, Soleil. We believe that her death was preventable.
  • Shalon's passion for justice and trailblazing work in community health inspire us to fight for a bright future for black mothers—one in which black women are not dismissed, but are heard, respected, and cared for as equal individuals. We created Dr. Shalon's Maternal Action Project in her legacy.
  • Believe Her app was created to make a safe space for Black birthing people to have a forum where they can share their stories to help others navigate their journeys!